About The Israeli Yoga Teachers Association

The Israeli Yoga Teachers Association, a non-profit organization, was established in 1979

The organization is a home for the Israeli yoga community and includes teachers from all disciplines and streams. The organization empowers its members through support, assistance, encouragement and exposure.

Throughout the year, the organization initiates professional seminars on various subjects and organizes conferences and workshops with the best teachers from Israel and around the world.

The IYTA creates and nurtures ties with institutions in the field of education and health, encourages the volunteer work of teachers in challenged populations.

 The Israeli Yoga Teachers Association sets standards for the accreditation of Yoga teachers. The teacher’s courses recognized by the organization meet the highest standards in the world today.

Members of the organization enjoy discounts in workshops, yoga events and purchase of yoga equipment, as well as the option to purchase discounted professional insurance.

The insurance policy is a group policy and is given only to members of the organization. The Zohar Ne’eman insurance agency works together with the Israel Yoga Teachers Association for the 6th year and specializes in insurance for organizations such as the Israeli Actors Association and the Israel Association of Alternative Medicine.