Criteria for Membership

Criteria for Membership in the Israeli Yoga Teachers’ Association and Conditions for Joining the Group Professional Insurance Policy

  • Graduates of a certified 500-hour teachers’ training course will be recognized as certified teachers.
  • Graduates of a certified 200-500-hour teachers’ training course will be recognized as teachers in training.
  • Teachers who have completed a 200-hour certified course in Israel or abroad will be able to complete 500 hours with any of the association-certified teachers or with another teacher – in a structured course (minimum 1-year). To receive recognition as a certified teacher, you must submit a diploma/course syllabus/link to the course details and a confirmation letter from your teacher.
  • Teachers who are not interested in completing 500 hours will remain in the status of teachers in training. Please note, the insurance rates for teachers in training are higher than those of certified teachers.
  • Association members that were consecutively members until 2018 – their status will remain that of certified teachers.
  • New yoga-for-children teachers may join the association and the group policy as yoga-for-children teachers, only if they are graduates of recognized courses and teach the age group for whom they received certification.

*These criteria have been in effect since January, 2018.