Price offer for professional liability insurance To members of the Yoga Teachers Association

Dear members, 

The Yoga Teachers Organization and Zohar-Neeman Insurance Agency have been working  in cooperation on the collective policy for over 8 years now and every year hundreds of  teachers join in understanding that the terms of the policy give them broad and  comprehensive coverage for their activities. The policy has been carefully examined both in  terms of insurance coverage and in terms of price and has been found to be the most  suitable product for yoga teachers. 

Group purchase and the option to purchase an insurance product, quality and at a cheap  and possible price for every pocket is a smart purchase that combines the need for quality  professional insurance while considering the risk involved in the yoga and complementary  medicine profession and a real, real, and correct payment for it. 

The policy is based on the day of the event and there is no concern if a claim is filed after  cancellation for any reason. 

Without lowercase letters and reservations. 

A caregiver who is sued does not infringe on the insurance coverage of the other  caregivers. 

** The policy is subject to membership in the Yoga Teachers Association ** 

Insurance period: 31.12.2021 – 01.01.2021 (The insurance company is Hachshara) 

The policy covers professional liability and a third party : 

Limits of professional liability: 2,500,000 NIS – without deductible in the event of a claim Limits of liability towards a third party: 2,500,000 NIS – with a deductible of 2,000 NIS in the  event of a claim 

Total limits of responsibility for each teacher: 5,000,000 NIS 

Total liability limit of 40,000,000 NIS per year 

**Please note below the details of different deductibles for certain occupations 

Most claims in the field of yoga do not reach the amount of 2,500,000 NIS and therefore collective coverage of 40,000,000 NIS is very high. We periodically examine the ratio of  claims to the amount in the policy, to see if it is necessary to increase the insurance  amount.


The cost of a basic premium per year is according to seniority and study hours as  below: 

– For a teacher up to 500 hours of study (specialization teacher) : 

Insurance Premium: 750 NIS 

– For a teacher over 500 hours of study (certified teacher) : 

Insurance Premium: 700 NIS  

– For a veteran teacher over 10 years:  

** (Seniority is determined according to the year of graduation) 

Insurance Premium: 650 NIS  

– Treatment Fee: 50 NIS 

– Yoga Membership Fee: 220 NIS 

 ***Please note below for additional costs if required *** 

The charge is made on an existing credit card in a separate charge for each payment : Insurance premiums: Collection by the insurance company Hachshara – up to 4 equal  payments can be spread without interest 

Membership fee: Collection by Zohar Neeman and transfer to the organization – up to 4  equal payments without interest 

Treatment fee: Collection by Zohar Neeman Agency – in one payment  **American Express and Diners credit cards are not available 

Conditions for joining the policy in the middle of the insurance period: When joining the policy during the insurance period, the payment is according to the  relative portion of the insurance premium and the membership fee according to the  months of joining. Please note that in the relative joining process the possibility of division  into payments will decrease according to the joining period, for example: for a joining  period of 3 months before the end of the policy, credit card collection will only allow up to  2 payments. + Treatment Fee: 50 NIS


Additions to the basic cost and general conditions for the policy and deductible : 

* The insurance includes coverage for activities outside the studio, in its surroundings   and/or in parks and regulated places. 

* For holders of a yoga certificate from 209 hours and more then 500 hours, the coverage   is for practitioners aged 2-85 (yoga for children is without parental involvement   and with a deductible of 4000 NIS in the professional responsibility from the age of 2-3) * For holders of a yoga certificate for children/preschoolers, the coverage is for   practitioners from the age of two to the age of 13 (yoga for children is without parental   involvement and with a deductible of 4000 NIS in the professional responsibility from the   age of 2-3) 

* The coverage on the third side is for a class of up to 30 participants – with no extra charge * Coverage includes teacher certification and training and issuance of certificates (up to 60   per year) for senior teachers over 10 years recognized and approved by the organization   only with no extra charge – please update us. 

* Extension of coverage for additional occupation for the contact  

 professions/complementary medicine/other according to examination – additional  120 NIS per year 

* Every occupation for pregnant women is with a deductible of 4,000 NIS under   professional responsibility. 

* Baby massage/hot stones massage/cupping glass – deductible 4000 NIS under   professional responsibility. 

* Extension of coverage to lead groups/tutorials/workshops in complementary medicine   – additional 300 NIS per year 

* For practitioners in the field of Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and soft martial arts (without contact   and martial arts): 

 coverage for up to 20 participants and with deductible for third parties in outdoor   activities 6000 NIS 

 20 to 50 participants – an additional 300 NIS and a deductible for a third party in outdoor   activities 6000 NIS 

 For more than 50 participants, please contact our offices for a suitable offer  (Outdoor activities will take place in regulated places away from a water source. There is   no coverage for contact between the participants) 

* Practitioners present in the class will be considered as a third party towards each other. * For those who join from the day of filing a claim policy, we will allow an extension to   retroactive coverage for the last year without additional payment and more than one   year there will be a supplement of 100 NIS and subject to a statement that no claims and   /or waiver of coverage is known to an earlier period. 

* The cost of approving insurance for external parties – 35 NIS for approval * You can purchase a certificate bank at an annual cost of NIS 100 (suitable for 3   certificates or more during a period)


Insurance coverage for substitute teachers: 

The policy has 2 options for insurance coverage for a substitute teacher below: 

  1. To coverage for an unforeseen event such as illness or accident of the insured  requiring immediate recruitment of a substitute teacher, the coverage will be  provided without additional for a period of up to two weeks and subject to  presentation of the substitute teacher certification and organization and agency  approval. 
  2. To coverage for an expected and planned event, such as a vacation or trip of the  insured, the coverage will be given to teachers with 200 NIS or more plus the cost  listed below for a period of up to two weeks and subject to presentation of  certification and / or personal insurance of the substitute teacher. 
  3. Substitute teacher with a certification certificate and without personal insurance – an additional 100 NIS per teacher. 
  4. Substitute teacher with a certification and personal insurance certificate – an  additional 30 NIS per teacher. 

Terms of cancellation of the policy in the middle of the insurance period: Here are the cases in which the policy can be canceled: 

  1. Pregnancy / Retention of pregnancy / maternity leave 
  2. Loss of ability to work subject to medical documents 
  3. Declaration for permanent termination of employment until the end of the  insurance period. 

In the event of cancellation, a Promotional will be given for the insurance premiums for the  relative period remaining until the end of the policy. 

* No Promotional will be given for the insurance premiums for canceling the policy two   months before its termination. 

* Policy cancellation fee in the middle of a period is 100 NIS one-time * Membership in the organization remains valid and there is no Promotional 

** For Baby Yoga / Yoga Sap / Yoga Hammocks teachers – please contact us for pricing in an  individual policy. 

Please make sure to get a Health declaration form and be aware of health changes in your  students and keep it for 10 years!


Mandatory pension for the self-employed : 

These days, the Ministry of Finance sends letters of fine to self-employed people who have  not deposited for retirement as required by law. Suitable for your occupation, your marital  status, and your income. Take advantage of this benefit, it can be worth a lot !!! 

In addition, we continue the tradition of providing benefits and discounts in personal  accident insurance and incapacity for work. Ask us !!! 

Please note that a clinic/studio that is in a permanent place that you own or use for rent,  must be insured under home insurance. 

*There is no coverage for business activity in a standard insurance and do not trust the  landlord to take out building insurance for you .* 

You can contact our offices for a suitable insurance offer . 

New in our office – Cyber Insurance – contact us for details . 

Feel free to contact our offices for additional insurance  

(car / apartment / abroad and more) by calling 073-7075555 

We will continue to provide personal service and professional guidance along our common  path 

Mika Dahari  

Proposals for professional responsibility 


Ella Maimoni 

Operation of professional responsibility 


Yael Aharon 

Manages professional responsibility 


In regards, 

Roni Shir – CEO Yoga Teachers Association 

Yaron Neeman – CEO Zohar & Neeman